Rahim Mitha

What is inbound marketing? 

Rahim Mitha
What is inbound marketing? 

Strong brands build communities.

Inbound marketing is marketing and advertising strategy that begins with the customer initiating contact. Instead of pushing a message towards the target audience, the consumer begins the process by looking for a particular product, service or piece of information online. From there, they come across information and content that they were looking for. Instead of creating outward bound advertisements, creating content your ideal consumer is looking for such as a blog draws them in to your site. 

This process is much more natural and organic as customers are navigating to your website on their own. They have selected to interact with you and are gaining value from the information and answers you are providing them with. 

This is beneficial as it not only increases website traffic, but also the quality of the traffic. The consumer has already qualified themselves as interested in the business and what it offers and is much more likely to convert. Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy to be leveraged and taken advantage of by all online businesses. 

The Benefits

Cost Efficiency

Inbound marketing is extremely cost-effective, costing business 62% less than traditional advertising methods. Further, inbound marketing is responsible for generating 54% more leads than paid advertising. Not only do leads costs less, but they are also more likely to convert as they have already engaged with the business by seeking it out on their own. 

Highly Measurable

With the power of tools like Google Analytics and the metrics they provide, inbound marketing efforts can be easily measured. Analytics can be used to measure page views, conversion rates, shares, email newsletter subscriptions, and sales to name just a few. Monitoring these metrics and using the data makes it easy to adjust marketing strategies and further improve engagement. 

Increase brand awareness and online visibility

Through inbound marketing, a company will create content that is targeted and highly relevant to their audience. When creating content that is educational, compelling and entertaining for the target audience trust is built. In the exploration stage of the purchasing journey, consumers will begin to research products and services online. Through publishing content and relevant resources that are optimized for the target audience, a business increases their visibility online and drives traffic to their site. Consumers will be compelled to visit the site as the content is relevant to them. Furthermore, consumers who find the content insightful and valuable have a higher likelihood of sharing it with their networks on social media. This improves brand awareness to an even further degree. 

Improve consumer trust

Consumers are used to the intrusive traditional marketing and being bombarded with advertisements. A business that develops a relationship with consumers through providing content to potential customers that they want when they want it builds trust. To the target, they view the company as a value adding partner rather than another business that is trying to sell them something. In an age where people are used to being sold to all the time, developing trust with customers will increase sales and improve brand loyalty. 

Generate qualified leads, not just traffic

Don't be fooled. An increase in website traffic should not be the only metric a business considers in growing their business. While an increase in traffic is a positive sign, it is quite irrelevant if only a small portion of the visitors are converting and purchasing. Inbound marketing creates higher qualified leads by opening a channel of engagement with consumers that are seeking out the product or service themselves. They have an intent on buying and will be primed for conversion. 

If you are not integrating an inbound marketing strategy into your marketing approach in 2019 you are missing out. Inbound marketing is must have for online businesses looking to increases qualified traffic, create customer trust and improve sales.