Rahim Mitha

100 Days of Sweat

Rahim Mitha
100 Days of Sweat

When was the last time you did something for 100 days in a row to improve your life?

Yes Theory has set the challenge for you, breaking a sweat every single day for 100 days straight. This can sound like quite the daunting goal, as most of us have not consistently practiced a good habit for 30 days straight without falling off. This challenge is a great opportunity to prove you can commit and see your goal through from start to finish.  

Adopting a mindset of consistency and establishing habits can be much simpler than we think. Momentum is a powerful force, and having it working in our favour can make all the difference. To do this, setting the minimum requirement for you to actually check something off and feel a sense of accomplishment is very effective!

Set a requirement lower than what you think you can accomplish

Let’s say that feel like you can commit to working out for half an hour every single day; just half that. Commit to working out for 15 minutes. That is why I love this minimum requirement of just breaking a sweat. It is simple and does not require an elaborate workout plan; anyone can participate. Walk, run or crush the weights, just build the habit and practice of showing up every single day for something that will make your life a little bit better.  

We have all been there

When you feel like your life is just this tangled thread and you don’t even know where or how to start untangling it. But, movement and physical activity is a pretty good place to start the process of pulling that thread out. By pulling on that thread and practicing a small good habit every day, other things in our lives will begin to follow suit and become untangled as well.

Exercise is a keystone habit

Keystone habits are extremely beneficial as they create a domino effect on the rest of your behavior. When you are exercising every day, you are going to become a lot more conscious of what you eat, or your sleep quality, just to name a few.

100 days of sweat is a great place to start making positive changes in your life. As Amar from Yes Theory says, “A habit has to be established before it’s improved. That is something that I had been getting wrong my entire life up until this point. I would try to improve and build on top of a habit that I hadn’t actually developed yet.”

Now is the perfect time to implement exercise into our daily routine. Commit to improving your life. Start smaller than you think you can, because you can always go bigger.